Beren Gamble

Beren Gamble

B2B have done my last two three tax returns. Each year, they promoted me to send the necessary info, confirmed a few details, then sent a virtual document to sign. Very easy and this year I even got a rebate!

The Campervin Co

William Spiers

B2B Accountancy have supported my business for over 5 years providing accountancy, payroll and tax advice. I've recently moved to their online systems and think they're great! Excellent resource for my company.

B Gifted

Fiona Burge

Zoe has always offered the best support and advice for my small business. Making sure decisions made are cost effective and of course keeping me on top of all my tax requirements.

Bath Road Beers

William Coates

Super responsive and proactive - a joy to work with!

The Sedbury Trust

Katherine Barnard-Wills

B2B have been exceptional in the support they provide to our charity. They have undertaken accountancy and business management support for a number of years and have been exemplary in their delivery, and are interested in and committed in the positive work our charity does. I absolutely recommend their services.


Tara Foulkes

Always impressed with the service Zoe delivers, she prompts me when i need to do things and supports me with my business growth. Definitely recommend.

Bethany Goodman

Bethany Goodman

I have never had an account before and I struggled hugely when I came to working out the figures for my tax years.

I am now working hand in hand with B2B accountancy and could not be happier! I feel as though a huge load has been lifted and I still get to be involved with the progress!

One of the best things I ever did for my business was join B2B!

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