Business Analytics

Using Microsoft Power BI we help clients to visualise data in order to make informed decisions. It combines easy to use software with faster processing and the ability to store and use more data than excel. Dashboards are more visually appealing, interactive and customisable than those on excel, as seen below. 

Power Bi has a forecasting feature which uses built in predictive forecasting models to make predictions or estimates about your business’ future. It also analyses trends with in-built time intelligence, making it easier for you to spot the pattern in your data. 

Clients handling multiple data sets can appoint us to create dashboards for their business to visualise their stock data, in order to compare sales between products and decide what to produce and whether it was worth holding stock of certain products. We are able to create a dashboard of key metrics to enable them to make informed decisions.  

We also create financial health reports as part of our Virtual CFO package which helps your business analyse KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) tailored to you. They are ordered in terms of importance, then you set targets, and we create a financial health report which can be sent as often as required. This allows you to see your financial targets clearly and see progress each week / month. To read more about KPIs and our Virtual CFO package, visit our page: 

Virtual CFO - B2B Accountancy

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