Enterprise Resource Planning

Cloud based accounting software was first launched in 1999 and enables accountants and businesses to record information and records online to the HMRC standards anywhere at any time.

It is particularly useful for businesses who have a taxable turnover above the VAT threshold who need to keep digital records to submit VAT returns.

The software used at B2B accountancy include Google, Xero and Syft, to name a few:


  • Google cloud systems offer seamless transitions between B2B accountants and the client, as documents and spreadsheets can be shared between them meaning that information can instantly be exchanged. Google uses 126- Bit or 256- Bit AES keys in order to encrypt data at rest and in transit from the drive, which protects confidentiality meaning all information is secure.


  • Xero is accounting software used for paying bills, VAT returns, claiming expenses, bank connections and more. Invoices processed through Dext are published to the Xero system through the cloud which can be easily matched with bank records. Xero connects the client’s bank securely to the cloud which means both our accountants and the client can see it, meaning effortless exchange of data. You can also see real time cash flow anywhere anytime on the app.


  • Syft is a financial data tool which allows us to create financial reports tailored to the client. It has integrated anomaly detection software that allows us to make sure there are no mistakes within any documentation and amend issues as required. Data visualizations allow the client to see their financial position and make informed decisions on business finances in the future.

Our cloud tools help to make accounting as efficient and transparent as possible for our clients, with easy to use systems always updating to the latest in accounting technology.

We meet with our clients and agree an accounting platform that's right for their business and gives them the information they need to run the business to ensure they are compliant. 


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