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Small Business UK Economy

With the budget looming, what’s next for small business owners? Does it feel the government give it in one hand only to take it in another, with more of the latter in recent times. The timely dividends rules with auto enrolment and now the daunting thought of the VAT threshold decreasing, whilst corporation tax has reduced to 19%. How can you make sense of our evolving UK economy? How can small business owners make an honest Read More

The Evolving Management Accountants Role

No matter whether the organisation follows a Pinwheel-like framework or another approach, management accountants have an important role to play. Whatever framework the company chooses, the focus should be outward as well as inward taking into account external factors. A management accountants role has evolved into identifying what customers want, where competitors are operating and expanding, and whether the company’s strategy is Read More

3 Strategies for Reducing Costs and Enhancing the Bottom Line in Business

For your business to succeed, you need a clear strategy to follow, as well as a good level of organisation. Developing an all-encompassing strategy is not always an easy task, and it sometimes requires a lot more work than we are prepared to undertake. There are a number of different options that are available to you, and here we take you through three of the best strategies for reducing your costs while enhancing the bottom line – Read More

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